September 3rd, 2004


How we avoid thinking about the Republican Convention and the imminent destruction of life on Earth

There was never a chance - no matter how bad the reviews - that I would miss 'Chronicles of Riddick'. Even if I were not trying to be an eminent critic of sf film, and therefore obliged to see crap in order to think about it, I would have wanted to see it, just for Alexa Davalos and Judi Dench. Because those two in the same film makes it a trivia deal-breaker...

So anyway Collapse )

More dark side and slashiness in The Bill,Collapse )

In other news, I went to the party for Susanna Clarke's 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell' , which, I assure you, you will all be reading the moment it comes out, and saw faithtastic and dolores and the amazing Missus for tea and Chinese food. And limped on my bad knee and winced with my bad rib and wrist, and will try not to fall over for ages.

I am working through a bunch of Nigel Slater salads and made a fab one last night...Chick peas, sliced feta, chopped red pepper, chopped parsley and a dressing made from walnut oil, lemon juice and half a spoon of harissa. Actually, I used mozzarella, since it was to hand, and the red peppers and harissa were a bodge replacement for bottled hot peppers, but it was really nice anyway. As was the grilled fennel, black olives and mozzarella one we did the other week.

N. Slater is a foodie god.

Talking of foodie gods, glossing did such a good job of faking Borough Market in one of her new Oz fics that I assumed I had got her location entirely wrong and she did not live in Canada at all. She wrote accurately about a place I shop most weeks - the only thing that might have made me suspect anything was the purple chicory, because, I wish...It would look so very good in Slater's chicory, cos and Roquefort salad.
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