September 13th, 2004


Things I didn't say yesterday

The feeling in my bones is not rational and is not based on polls or a sense of where the US public is going - it is that hideous numbness that crept over me each time Thatcher was re-elected and in 1992 when she was gone, and yet somehow John Major, probably the worst PM in my lifetime (though Callaghan ran him close) squeaked back in.

I hope my bones are wrong and that Kerry gets in, but sometimes things go badly askew.


Somehow I also forgot to say that Claire Danes is a goddess in 'Stage Beauty' as in everything else - she is even OK in 'Brokedown Palace' which is a pretty terrible movie otherwise. Plus, she wrote the introduction to 'Death - The High Cost of Living' only I didn't know who she was then.

Billy Crudup is OK as well - I had forgotten that was him in 'Big Fish'.


My rewatch of Xena 3 has got to the point where she takes out the Chin emperor and is the St Paul of Taoism. Plus, in the following Bruce Campbell directed episode, Gina Torres as Cleopatra.

Xena is such wonderful tosh, going back to it, with the courage of its insanity.