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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004

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Far too many attempts to get people to do stuff
First things first - I missed Six Feet Under last night, so if anyone has a tape/download/synopsis, that would be a kindness.

The reason that I missed it, was that I was wandering around Central London with my friend Veronica after seeing Stuff Happens at the National. Collapse )

In other bits of life - having been interrupted by 36 hours of serious stomach bugs and their aftermath, which are apparently the current London cold - I am finally sitting down and watching Popular Season One with a view to including it in the teen movie book (now under way officially). I remembered it as good and sharp, but I had forgotten just how sharp, shiny and slashy that show was. There was a reason why Brooke and Sam were one of the great femmeslash couples of their day and why Nicole got paired with either of them moderately often. And there is a cross-over pairing I wish someone would write - Harmony Kendall and the even stupider Mary Charry. More of this as I watch more - and at some point some Xena thoughts as well, I promise.

Oh, and if anyone wants to write Dawn/Celeste, I will be happy, because otherwise I would have to try and write it myself and I am much too busy. I suspect even the Giles/Lilah is going to have to wait for completion until I have actually finished the Heathers chapter. Does anyone know a URL where I can read the alternate ending? I think I prefer what they went with, but it would be nice to know in detail what the posthumous prom was like.

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