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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

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Lips of Spike
Well, no, actually.

But poor James Marsters did hug me because he was being a perfect trouper and hugging all the other stewards at Halloween. He is totally sweet and is a wee puppet man with lots of ribs.

I had forgotten just how much fun it is to steward an event, and run around like a mad thing with people trying to make sure other people have a good time. I've never wanted to run things, but gophering is a hoot if things are going well and tehre is a good atmosphere. Which, in spite of the crumbling Victorian grot of York Hall, there was.

I'll probably talk more about the panel I ran at some point, because it raised some interesting points of meta, and I did one of the best explanations ever of how what attracted me to the fanfic culture was the sense of a gift relationship going on. And Jane Espenson, needless to say, totally got that explanation and grooved on it.

What a smart person she is! I keep wanting to get her to have an LJ account and just hang...If we had met in other contexts than writer on show and critic writing book on show, we might actually get on really well. Whereas as things are,there has to be a certain professionl distance on both sides.

Someone on a gossip site once said that Neil was even nicer than you have heard he is - which is certainly true - and it is equally true of Jane.

Meanwhile, I went to see D.E.B.S with Amanda and paratti. Pure silly fluffy slashy delight. Think Alias crossed with Charlie's Angels and then do the femslash as text.

It also had 'Another Girl, Another Planet' on the soundtrack at a crucial point, which almost made me cry with nostalgia.

Back when I was flatmates with the on the whole appalling Tookey, the man with whom I was unrequitedly and unspokenly in love for much of my twenties - which does not mean I wasn't perfectly getting on with the people I was also in love with and having sex with, because frankly, I am a slut - he was directing a rock show called Revolver. Tookey never entirely got my comics-love, but he did a really nice seg on the show in which he used AGAP as the soundtrack and shot a comic book round it. There was so much UST in that flat that sometimes it manifested in acts of perfect blissful grace - shame I don't especially like the man he grew up into.

So, anyway, DEBS soundtrack will get purchased, so I can cry whenever I want to.
It's 11.59 and I want to stay alive
Actually, it's 11.34, but poetic license...With a high turnout...does that mean we can hope?

I'm not American, but like a lot of people in the world, I love America almost as much as the place I am from, and hate it rather more. I love Italy, say, but I don't ever want to live there, whereas parts of the USA have always been a temptation for which I could have left my wonderful London. I nearly moved to Chicago for good, once, and in my dreams I often live in New York or San Francisco. If I hadn't got sick when I had my surgery, or if that job reviewing for Galaxy had not been followed almost within seconds by the magazine closing....

I worry that a place I love is on the brink of something like fascism and I will have to hate it instead.

My best wishes to all the Americans I love, and just to say, worst case, you can come and live here with us, where the problem is god-botherers, not holy monsters.

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