December 5th, 2004


Since people are discussing this...

Some years ago, I reviewed a book on Kinsey, and the film makes the whole thing relevant again...
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Golly, I hadn't reread that. It pitches it hot and strong; I sometimes forget that I have always had a capacity for anger.

Otherwise, contemplating all the Jesus stuff in Xena with appalled fascination...How did they get away with the one in which Eli/Jesus gets rescued by Xena/Krishna? And all the threesome chemistry?

And Callisto got to be an angel before Darla? And tips off Jesus that he should resurrect Xena and Gabrielle before their war in heaven gets out of hand?

That's worth tipping when I write my Cordy/Darla buddy angelcops story.

(Plus, the actor who later played Braca in Farscape as Brutus? Sidekicks to bad charismatic leaders with slash chemistry are clearly his thing.)