December 12th, 2004


Oh Perlease

Listening to the radio in the early morning, you sometimes get all sorts of insights.

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Meanwhile, I saw 'Blade Trinity' which was a train-wreck, but had Parker Posey as a boss vampire, who should have had a film of her own, and a Dracula who looked uncannily like China Mieville and a vampire Pomeranian. Which raises the question of whether those it bites rise as ordinary vampires or as undead lapdogs, which is a really nasty thought in so many ways. The film also had implied slash between Jessica Biel's character and Nathasha Lyonne's blind scientist, and more fetishization of hardware than I have seen since Kathryn Bigelow's 'Blue Steel', which I must watch again.

Plus 'Napoleon Dynamite' which I loved, in spite of the feeling that parts of the plot had been removed. I have a whole suspicion about the elder brother's girl-friend and her knowledge of cool disco moves which I'd love someone to confirm.