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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Monday, December 13th, 2004

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A point of radical inconsistency on my part here. I really rather object to the sermonette 'Thought for today' on the Today Programme. And yet I was somewhat heartened when Colin Morris used it to point out that the Magnificat includes elements 'He has put down the mighty from their seat' not calculated to give aid and comfort to super-powers. He went on to say that the Prince of Peace - not so much likely to back the war on terror. Terrorism a bad thing, but we are all miserable sinners who could do with cleaning up our own act. And stuff like that. What I mean when I say Christians doing what they are supposed to.

Morris was many years ago chaplain to my Oxford College and I most remember his glee when I won a University Prize, thereby preventing the hawks in the Senior Common Room sending down me and various others who had organized a sit-in over gate hours. Never thinking I stood a chance of beating Purves L., Rose J. and Amis M., I had gone off for a weekend of debauchery in Manchester before facing the fireworks of disciplinary proceedings. Winning the Oldham saved me from personal financial implosion, the comrades from expulsion and the College for making an ass of itself.

When the Dean responsible for the whole mess - he decided to make his bones as an ex-rebel buying into the hawks by raiding rooms for guests at four in the morning, publishes books on Ethics, I still laugh sardonically. A publisher's reader might be tempted to abuse power on such occasions, but of course I never would.
This is the sort of thing
Rightly rebuked for sometimes seeming to tar all Christians with the same brush, I take great pleasure in picking up this link from The Sideshow, Avedon Carol's excellent blog.

The right sort of Christian
I really ought to be working, but...
This is possibly the first chapter of a new RozK slash saga, so look away, those who don't do this stuff.

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