January 27th, 2005


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Horror piece from TLS

Now this is in print, I can post it here...

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One of the weirdest things about this book was that various critics refer to their mentor, the dead film critic Andrew Britton, with whom I briefly shared a flat.(The Plain People of Hackney say ' you must be a terrible person to live with to have all these ex-flatmates' and Roz has no smart answer). And the argument here about the gender of the Ridley Scott Alien, as opposed to those in later films, is, more or less, the one I had with him a couple of days after we both saw it for the first time. And he had read an article which accused the film of misogyny. It was the Seventies and we were doing things for the first time.

I lost touch with him and only heard he had died in the epidemic some years after it happened. I wish I could feel kinder to his intellectual heirs.