February 11th, 2005


So farewell Arthur Miller

'Here you have the invisible world, caught defined and calculated. In these books the devil lies stripped of all his brute disguises. Here we have your invisible spirits, your incubi, your succubi, your spirits of the land sea and air.'

Long ago, in another life, I played the Reverend Hale in 'The Crucible' and from that I have a real sense of what motivates neo-cons and the like - Miller is good on the virtuous, but he is also brilliant on the righteous and their terrible sins and occasional bitter repentance. I loved the man and his plays, and his capacity to go on when almost everything he cared about broke in his hands. Except, though I am not so much a fan of the later plays, his talent.

The important thing is not that he loved Marilyn; it is that, for a while, she had the sense to love him. God, they both had good taste.