September 5th, 2005


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I just thought people should check out this moderately scary Greg Palast article about just how a) crazy and b) respectable Pat Robertson is...

I also want to share a line picked up from Avedon at 'The Sideshow' which you should all have bookmarked... It is a variant on Clarke's First Law and says 'Any incompetence sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from malice'.

I love it simply because it nails both the folly and the irrelevance of conspiracy theory. It is not necessary to claim that the President of e.g. the USA is setting out to kill a maximum number of African Americans out of deliberate spite. It is sufficient to point out that if you take a job involving life and death, and go on doing it when you are clearly incompetent, then you are morally responsible anyway. There is a duty not to be crap at what you do.

Which is the short form of all the analyses we are going to get for the next month.