January 10th, 2006


Shameless promotion of myself and someone I admire

I read the early Mike Moorcock fantasies pretty much as they came out - I've written elsewhere about how they helped me cope with my adolescence - and he was one of the first people whom I had always admired whom I ever got to know. Which did not go so well in the event and there is a long saga of my relationship with him, his wives, his daughters and which of them I was on speaking terms with at a given time. All of this got complicated by critical and political matters - Mike and his wife Linda were friends of Andrea Dworkin and his daughter Sophie edited a lesbian porn mag and somehow I was a sinister bit player in a Dostoevsky novel called 'Fathers and Daughters'.

Which is all more or less OK now.

So he is someone I am not entirely easy reviewing any more, but feel quite OK profiling. Collapse )


In other matters, I loved 'Life on Mars' and am seriously hoping for an episode which addresses gay life in Manchester in that period, with a thriving scene largely tolerated by the police and a mad Christian Chief Constable who helped make homophobia unrespectable, we now realize, by being so extreme. And I remember copping off in a night club with an extremely cute middle-aged guy who turned out to be CID and not there in the line of duty...

Other major slashiness in toon land - 'Maid of Honour' JLA 92.7/8) pretty much says 'you know Wonder Woman has a thing for this Eurotrash princess but we can't actually show them doing more than being romantic on the Eiffel Tower and the princess saying "Well, I didn't expect to be doing that the night before my engagement party"' and 'Mystery of the Batwoman' has interesting implications. That particular bit of DC toonery ought to have slash, is all I'm sayin'.

My thanks again to all the kind people, recruited by thete1who are sending me toons for the superhero book, and all I can say is 'Keep'em coming'.

And I am sorry George Galloway and Pete Burns are up for eviction, because the chances are we will lose George's prurient fascination with Pete's gender identity. And also the cute bonding of George and the lovely Rula Lenska, whom age has not withered. Well, not as far as I am concerned anyway, whatever the objective truth.

Contrary to popular belief, I am mostly attracted to women my own age. It's just that I hardly ever meet any, any more.