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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Thursday, February 16th, 2006

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I am contemplating an extended entry on the less than entirely truthful picture of Revolutionary Feminism contained in 'Lefties' on BBC4 last night. It let Sheila Jeffries get away with far too much in her analysis of What Went Wrong and contained several actual untruths. The argument that Leeds Radical Feminism only reached its more extreme form as a result of the Yorkshire Ripper's murders is pretty much a lie, for example; the claim that Angry Women never used violence is contradicted by the breaking of a woman's arm during the raid on the Chain Reaction Lesbian SM Disco in the mid80s.(Which, given the widespread revulsion it caused amont other feminists who heard about it, was itself part of the story of What Went Wrong...)

But perhaps this would be to dwell too much on long ago unhappy far off things...

In the mean time, and as an example of how things change, I got to publish my trans-representation piece in the TLS, though I had to change the last sentence or so as too personal for the house style.
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I have been thinking about doing a piece on Feminists Against Censorship for Wikipedia. Were anyone to want to write a piece on Me if only to draw some of the links between my various cross references and other things I ought to be linked to, I would not be at all upset.
Department of I think we should be told
When a member of PETA dumped a skinned racoon in the soup plate of fur-clad fashionista Anna Wintour, did the doyenne of catwalk journettes say - as I hope she did - 'Waiter, there's a racoon in my soup' as she beckoned a minion to her side? Because it would show real class if she did.

Also, did PETA skin the racoon specially, or did they have one handily lying around?


And in the second review of the day, from the Indy, Collapse )

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