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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Thursday, March 30th, 2006

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I just want to say how appalled I am that yet again NHS funding has been squandered on Management consultants. This is a classic example of how the Blair government keeps on digging in a hole which the Tories started. It was bad enough that, on taking office in 74, the Wilson/Callaghan government left in place the reorganization which Keith Joseph had been advised on by McKinseys, in spite of the fact that senior civil servants begged them to abort. Now, in spite of a decade of mismanagement under Labour, and two decades, almost, under the Tories, the answer is to hire more bloody quacks.

I have all sorts of reservations about letting doctors and civil servants and politicians run health care. But at least they have some commitment to curing sick people.
I must have worked hard today, because I have just watched two and a half hours of trash tv just sitting there eating pasta and salad and pineapple and strawberries going whatever! and shiny!

And it all blends into each other - Phil and Grant arguing about whose life sucks most and Grant getting to use those anger management classes; and Phil Hunter arresting a Syrian art smuggler on Eurostar; and evil Tanya and vastly more evil Eva catfighting at the opera with La Traviata in the background.

Three piles of steaming great absurdity, but Footballers' Wives wins hands down. It's probably the lesbian wife of the skipper dressed up in referee's kit trying to seduce him that did it - she was the cutest thing evah. Though my sweetheart has some interesting theories about the extent of the plastic surgery Eva had done on her protege. We shall see next week.

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