April 1st, 2006


And Suddenly It is that time of the year

Only this year, as famous queer writer on film, I seem to have got Press Accreditation for the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Given how little I actually make from the books and reviews, I need all the perks I can get.

However, I do take my responsibilities seriously, which means I shall be posting about the films I see.

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I think it is very funny that the Tories have had to give back several million pounds in loans to foreign donors who don't want to be named, or might be too embarrassing. This has exposed Blair as a crook and fraud, but he is playing it surprisingly well given that - because yes, actually, the Tories are Worse.


I need to append to my remarks about the NHS the further point that I bitterly resent money spent on management consultants for entirely personal reasons. My father's last days were made worse by a bout of MRSA - it is not that that killed him, but resisting it probably finished him off even though he fought it off. The same is true of the father of at least one friend.

The medical incompetence that killed several of my friends and nearly finished me is something we have to live with up to a point - it is always easy to secondguess afterwards. But clean hospitals are the least we can accept, and the reason they are dirty is that management consultants suggested that the job of cleaning them be put out to tender and that there not be dedicated trained cleaning staff who belonged to the hospital. Ultimately it is the fault of the Tories, and of New Labour for not changing things back as quickly as they could.

They are killing Iraqis, of course, at vast expense and they are also killing people that matter to me a lot.

Rage really isn't the word.