April 26th, 2006


O happy day!

Which, ironically, is the title of one of Geoff Ryman's darkest short stories, but is the appropriate thing to say when he wins the Arthur C. Clarke for what may be his best novel yet.

Geoff is an old dear friend, and so very talented that I don't feel any guilt, dilemmas or embarrassment about promoting his work.

And here is my review of 'Air' again. Go and read the book.

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Geoff was a contender in a very strong field, several of whom are on my friends list or read this, but are also very good, very talented writers. I would have been happy with almost any decision the committee made; as it was, I am frakking ecstatic.


I also looked in at the Serpents Tail party and nearly got bored and left, and then found myself caught up in an absolutely delightful conversation with people I knew slightly before, and now think of as friends and colleagues. Which just goes to show that you should never let tiredness and shyness and a vague feeling that the cool people are snubbing you lead you to leave parties too early. Stay long enough to find yourself a good time, and then leave wanting more. I don't mean leave them wanting more, though that's also true. Enjoy enough that you feel happy, and leave on the high.

Words to live by, and perhaps also...