June 20th, 2006


And so... Transfabulous!!!!!

It's always hard to be objective about something that was mostly an amazing good time that was had by all who were there. Back in the days of the trans group at GLF in 1971, I really would not have believed that we would get to the point where there would be a trans community that could host a three-day event - and of course Transfabulous is a resurgence of that after the equally amazing period when we had the Transgender Film Festival, which in due course collapsed in acrimony and personal differences.

So there is something chastened already about one's sense of euphoria. It was great, but things have fallen apart before, and anything that I say which is negative is not intended to compromise either my sense of it as a really happy and positive event or the need to engage in constructive criticism so that it can be better yet. Collapse )

And I seem to be getting on with The Freedom of Power, finally. I made some intellectual breakthroughs yesterday, I think, which make me very happy. I shared them with fastfwd and jennyo who agreed that they made sense, so we shall see....
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