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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Sunday, July 16th, 2006

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And while we wait for the end...
I have a terrifying sense that we are a few days from the bombing of Damascus by Israel, using the pretext of the Hezbollah rocket attack on Haifa, and the claim that the Syrians supplied, or even fired, the rockets. And that means full on war, and that means terror attacks in London...

I take fjm's response to the peace meme that she would prefer justice, except that, at this point, the only real justice would be that almost all of us go down in flames. We have allowed injustice and violence to be perpetuated, and a situation to arise where those to whom evil has been done do evil in return. For once, it really is true that we are all guilty.

Myself, I want mercy. Because justice is too harsh and peace is not enough.
On lighter notes
I spent this afternoon with helenraven at FearlessCollapse )

And I read ellen_kushner's new novel. I have always been a fan, but The Privilege of the Sword strikes me as the best of the Riverside books because it is the one most informed by a real sense of what it is to stand and have swords shoved at your face. Collapse )

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