August 12th, 2006


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One of the odder side effects of watching I,Claudius every night is seeing familiar faces when they were somewhat younger and not knowing quite who they are. Some of them are easy - as Antonia ages, Margaret Tyzack gradually turns into her present self; and Patrick Stewart as Sejanus looks just the same as Picard or Xavier, only with hair. And having sex.

John Hurt has not aged well. Sian Phillips on the other hand will always look a lot younger than Livia gets to be, which may not be quite the compliment it was meant to be.

The odd one, for a while, was Livilla, Claudius' evil sister, because she seemed terribly familiar
but not from anything recent. And then I realized that she was Patricia Quinn and the reason she was so familiar was that she was also, at almost the same time, in The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Magenta, and sings 'Science Fiction Double Feature'. And all the sex between Livilla and Sejanus means that we know exactly what RHPS/TNG crossover hetfic would look like, which is a troubling thought.

I've been thinking about my soft spot for bad girls and mad girls and very occasionally boys...

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The influence of the Caligula bits of I, Claudius on B5 is obvious - the mad emperor has the same weird whimsy. When Agrippina tells Tiberius that Sejanus squats on his shoulder like a big black spider, I found myself thinking, that Omigod, JMS was thinking of that when he devised Londo's eventual fate.


I will post more on the terror plot etc. later when we know more and it is clearer how much is true, how much convenient. (My guess to both is, quite a lot.)

In the meantime, some thoughts.

When the police talk about finding 'martyrdom videos', do they mean that some of those arrested had already recorded their statements, or do they mean that they were collecting other people's pre-suicide bombing videos. I don't know which is the creepier thought.

I was thinking about the Forest Gate cockup the other day and realized that, quite possibly, it was less of a blunder than we tend to think. The organs of the state were monitoring the family because of the elder brother's wearing a suicide vest on a demo. Were they tapping their internet traffic? And was the raid brought about by the volume of encrypted material? And does this have anything to do with the subsequent rearrest of one of the brothers on child pornography charges? I hate to let the security services off the hook, and that would still be a messup, but...