September 10th, 2006


Various things

I've got a few more reviews out Collapse ) and Collapse ) and Collapse ), the last of those involving a difficult job of writing spoiler-free.


Having linked to liz_marcs on the subject of The road to 9/11, I should also link to an excellent post by Avedon under the heading Thou shalt not bear false witness


And I need to praise Volver and Bride and Prejudice and talk about my less than stellar opinion of Gordon Brown, but I am too tired and tomorrow will do...

Still too tired for more than snippeting

So none of the longer discussions I've planned. One of the reasons for this tiredness is a migraine only partly aborted by medication, another is that in spite of that I made a rather elaborate meal this evening, mostly consisting of a shoulder of lamb roasted in a herby pilaf crust, roast potatoes and carrots and steamed runner beans. It was rather fine - the meat melted in the mouth because the lemon in the crust, and the marinade which preceded cooking, had pretty much disintegrated its fat and tough tissue. Plus nectarines in sliced yoghurt.

Last night, potato and tomato curry of significant heat, and a mild thing made by grilling aubergine and then casseroling it in a yoghurt, tomato and mint mix. Yes, I have been pulling out the recipes file and actually cooking from it.

Tomorrow, grilled mushrooms, and steamed sweetcorn. Probably with elaborations.

I could never be a vegetarian, I will never go back to a diet in which I eat meat at every meal or anything like it.


In West Wing tonight, Bartlett says he wants his daughter Zoe to have 'commonplace experiences with girls your own age'. Which would be a wonderful title for a piece of Zoe femslash if anyone wanted to write it.


A few comics observations Collapse ).

And that's enough. Another thing which needs to wait is the attempt by Kenyan bishops to suppress fossil evidence of evolution. I am so very tired of religious crazies I need to write about them again. But not now.