November 24th, 2006


A review and other stuff

First my Mike Harrison piece is finally out Collapse )


I went to see Running with Scissors which I am reviewing and about which I confess to being profoundly conflicted. It is clear that the memoir on which Ryan Murphy's film is based is by a man who feels, probably with justification, that he has real grounds for anger against his mother and the shrink to whom she farmed him out. And that anger makes for wonderful grotesques given vivid life by the likes of Annette Bening and Brian Cox. The film is so generally and amusingly misanthropic that the specific tendency to misogyny is only a bat squeak amid the general and enjoyable din. And is no more than we have seen before in Murphy's work, which I mostly love. I mean, Popular and Nip-Tuck and what he does here is no more misogynist than say, Nicole, Mary Cherry, Kimber and Erica, but also no less. Not really an issue, but just expressing a vague area of unease which I shall have to deal with in the book...


On the bus home, a really minor issue between someone who had tried to buy a ticket from a machine that was broken, and was slightly drunk, and a driver who was a bit tired, nearly turned into a major confrontation that would have held the bus up forever, and probably got both of them into trouble. For once, I intervened - the guy needed to go to check the number of the machine and would not believe the driver's promise to wait for him, probably sensibly. Words were being had, and the level of impoliteness was escalating.

So I walked up to the front and said I would hold the door, so everyone could trust each other, and that sort of broke the log jam. They went on swearing at each other and doing a whole 'come outside and say that' but at least the bus was moving and neither of them was actually going to do anything.

I get so tired of this sort of thing - boys will be horrid to each other in my dreams for weeks.


And the best boy in the world is Peter Parker, the Amazing Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man. Without saying anything too spoilerish, he has done the absolutely right thing in respect of the Superhero Registration Act in the most stylish and honourable way possible. I have entirely rediscovered my love for the boy...