March 11th, 2007


33 things meme, because I can't think of anything else to do.

Except sit and watch some more Nip/Tuck which is what I shall certainly do in a bit. I am a bit shell-shocked from last night, when I watched the Stigmata episode and the Conjoined Twins episode, and I know that today I shall be watching the Sex Doll episode and the Alternate Universe episode, and will be in an odd mental place. I forget, sometimes, how much I loved the second season of NT - it is still a very good show, but, as with Buffy the second season is the classic one, the one where Sean says 'I loved you most' to his partner and friend while beating the crap out of him, the one with Ava Moore, who is one of the best villains ever in spite of not doing anything very much or very wicked, the one where the monsters stay on the fringes of the plot and people are betrayed by what is false within.

So, anyway, meme Collapse )

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