May 20th, 2007


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As you will see from the previous post, a lot of people asked me to do the three things meme, and I have now fulfilled every single request. All I can say is, like Tinky Winky, 'Again, again.'

I strongly suspect that, with the episode guides still to do, a stack of books to read, and Emma and Caroline to get back to, this afternoon will be spent on 'Dawn in New York' because I have had the plot bunny from Hell, and it arrived with a lot of shiny friends and relations.

I seem to be writing fic

I must stop doing this, because I have books to read and a novel to write and two season's Nip/Tuck episode guides to write. I thought, though, that I would post a chunk of this in case it loses its impetus and to blackmail myself into going on with it. It is a Jossverse/Ugly Betty/Six Feet Under crossover, with no guarantee that other universes won't pop in from time to time if it manages to find itself a plot rather than a setup. Usual disclaimers apply - not mine, never would be mine, implied f/f and so on. Spoilers for Betty Season One Finale

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