May 30th, 2007


Kerfuffle stuff

I have used lj archive, just to be on the safe side. Like most people who visited the Warriors for Innocence sites to find out WTF they thought they were doing, I came back with a whole bunch of spyware. (I did a check yesterday and then checked again when people warned of the problem, and had 62 pieces of spyware and malware.)

These are people who think Rorschach is a hero... No, really.

I don't plan to set up shop elsewhere until I know which elsewhere my friends are migrating to. Or whether there is any point.

I changed 'teen movies' in my interests to The films of John Hughes, Heathers and suchlike.

I reread Five Disillusions very carefully and yes, any sense that there has been abuse is implied rather than stated, so I think it safe to leave up.

I joined [Bad username: fandom counts]

And that, for the moment, is that.

I should work, or write fic, but actually I am rereading my live journal from the beginning. Only 600 entries in six and a bit years, what a slacker I am. On the other hand, quite entertaining at times.