June 26th, 2007


A piece of history

There is a case for revising this, but I think I want to post it as I wrote it, about a decade ago. Some of it is dated - I was sniping rather heavily at some people in the trans community at that time and very anxious about the internal politics of the Parliamentary Forum - and obviously I did not know that we would get both a measure of trans law reform and civil partnerships quite as soon as we did. It does not say anything much about trans people of colour - I did not know what to say at that time because the voices that have since appeared were not available to me - and it doesn't address disability or sex work, issues that I would probably more than touch on were I to write it today.

I still think large parts of it stand up, and it addresses some of what I wanted to say at the TransPride conference the other week.

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This first appeared in Reclaiming Genders - edited by Kate More and Stephen Whittle, published by Routledge in 1999. ffutures did a wonderful job of text-recognition after I got it scanned.