July 1st, 2007


What Roz did on Saturday

Well, obviously I went to Pride...

The only trouble is, my phone died. Not apparently because of getting wet, because I had the sense to buy an umbrella the moment I got out in the downpour, but just because Nokia mobiles sometimes decide that their time has come and that is that. First the ghi key refused to produce anything except full-stops and then the star key would not work so the phone was locked forever. This meant that, sooner or later, I was going to have to go and find an O2 shop to hand it in for repair, which became the errand that took over the later part of my afternoon...As soon as the people I was with broke up in all directions, this started to become a priority, because part of having a good time is knowing when to cut your losses...

I have a rule about the journey to Pride which is that if I spot people I know who are on their way, I join them even if it means a diversion from getting to the march on time (unless I am meeting people at the start of course). I saw Tracey and Hamish and Charlie walk past the bus stop just as my 394 turned off City Road so I charged off and joined them for coffee and headed into town with them on the 55 rather later than I had planned. We waited for the trans contingent at Oxford Circus and in due course found it.

I saw a lot of friends, straight, trans, gay and other - among them fjm, Cheryl, other Tracey ( I got to say 'Tracey meet Tracey' which amused me), the lovely Anna D, Bird in her Minnie Mouse costume, jasonelvis, Serge, the TransLondon group and so on. I boogied much of the way down from Oxford Circus to Trafalgar Square which was not a good idea with painful knees and heavy boots and wet roads, but felt great at the time. fastfwd took a lot of photographs which she has put up - follow the link from her LJ.

I handed out leaflets for the Bindel thing, listened to Livingstone and then went off to grab noodles and sort out the phone. Once I had done that, I decided that I wanted to go home and instal my SIM card in an old phone rather than wander round with little fragile bits of phone.

Besides, I wanted to be at home to watch Who.


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There will be more Dawn in New York in due course - I have plotted the next chunk now, which was one of the gaps in it I needed to sort out.