July 8th, 2007


Self indulgence

It's the eve of my birthday, dammit, so I get to force my favourite bit of operatic femslash on the lot of you...

Octavian - the breeches part - is being handed over by his older lover to his younger lover; the two younger lovers are chastened by her heartbreak and yet also incredibly happy. No-one dies, everyone sort of wins, everyone sort of loses. That's how I like things and this is the music playing in my head a lot of the time when I write bittersweet stuff in my fic.

And here is the duet that follows

Ah the abuse of technology, doncha love it?

Book rec!!!!

Today's greatest non-musical pleasure has been reading Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union, an alternate world noir paranoid police procedural love story which I thoroughly commend to your attention without telling you very much about it. It's set in a very different C20 - we only get to find out bits of how different it is - in which the USA allowed Jewish refugees to settle for fifty years on the coast of Alaska when Israel was overwhelmed in 1948. Time is almost up; the USA has a Rightwing government crazier than GWB's; and drunken cop Landsman is told by his boss and ex-wife - same person, you understand - to bury the case of a junky shot in the hotel where he lives. Only, of course, he doesn't, because it is a noir thriller...

It's funny, smart and poignant; the language is inventive; my favourite book of the year so far.