July 23rd, 2007


Couple of things TLS -related

The TLS like my Potter review so much that they have rejigged this week's fiction pages to run it rather than running it next week. I am flattered by this, and smug.

I shall post it here the moment it is on the news-stands.


A review that should have been in last week, but wasn't was Collapse )

It was just one of those things - their regular opera reviewer Andrew Porter, doyen of the field, turned in a piece about everything in the Almeida Opera festival and a couple of other premieres, and included a less favourable review of the Wallen. I think he is wrong - the Guardian agrees with me. Of such things are the fortunes of musicians made or lost.

Never forget, at least one Tchaikovsky opera, The Enchantress had the reputation of being one of his poorer works until a decade or so ago when it got revived. It turned out that the soprano had a cold on opening night and got iller and iller during the short run - a few resulting bad reviewes meant no-one heard it for a century.

Writers should keep perspective on their problems.

Annoyingly, I think I have a migraine coming, which means I probably don't get to hear Barb Jungr's Dylan set this evening. Good job I didn't book.