July 27th, 2007


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Happy birthday, fjm


I am starting to get a profound sense that the television companies are just itching to tease us femslashers. First of all there is the revelation from Grey's Anatomy that, following the infamous 'Meredith cuts Cristina out of her wedding dress' scene, Collapse ).

And then there is the moderately wretched Bionic Woman where the chemistry between Jamie Sommers and the previous Bionic Woman Sarah is the only thing going for the show, but is almost enough.

To quote:As I said to Jen,

Rkaveney2'What do you want from me?'Sarah takes a long drag on the Cigarette of Evil 'Quite honestly, I'm not sure' - a million fen shriek we are we are
Bead214 (12:25:39): *snicker*
rkaveney2 (12:25:28): If they keep up this level of slashtasticness I might have to watch the damn thing

Back in EastEnders Michelle Ryan was canon slashy - Zoe had a best friend who was in love with her for a bit and it was somewhat ambiguous where that was going to go before they straightened it all out. And can we also say Katee Sackhoff as Sarah.

I guess we have stopped being daring rebels and just become another demographic to throw candy at.