August 11th, 2007


The state of Roz

I am not taking a stand on principle over strikethrough, boldthrough and other kerfuffles - the whole thing has got to a point of he said, she said such that I am sure I don't like most of the snarryfic I've seen, would hate most snarrypics and resent LJ taking a stand on this issue but not eg anorexia sites or demented advocates of beating babies for the sake of their souls.

The most important thing I have done is back up my livejournal - I will also burn it onto disc and see if I can store it somewhere else in cyberspace.

I've also got a Greatestjournal and an Insanejournal and will gradually build up friends lists there - I am, boringly, rozk in both places.

More later.

I am still ill and grumpy, but am trying to write.