August 14th, 2007


Tuesday of a week in which I am having trouble getting things done

One of the reasons for this is the ongoing angst of the Kerfuffle and the discovery from bad_wolf_bitch here that there are unmolested Nazi sites on LJ. Even though the information comes from the hopelessly compromised source of the twit woman who unilaterally thought it smart to involve the California AG's department, it nonetheless disturbs me very deeply. I seriously thought about deleting my LJ on the spot, then moved the whole question to things best dealt with by communities rather than individuals.

What is the point of blogging against racism if racists are there in our corner of cyberspace? I am considerably more concerned about them than I am even about mad Christians who beat original sin out of their children.

I am less convinced than I was that the fannish apocalypse is upon us, but once things have quietened down, and we have all made sure to beahve with more prudence than hitherto, we really need to address the issue of what groups we are prepared to share LJ with.

On the bright side, Big Love continues to surprise and delight. Collapse ) I love this show so much, and so few of you are watching it...