November 24th, 2007


Pink Elephants

Because it is one of the most wonderful things ever anyway, and I love this cover version of the music, may I share with you the Pink Elephants sequence from Dumbo remastered with Sun Ra and his Arkestra.


Ah memory!

On Christmas eve twentyone years ago, I danced to this in Heaven.

I was briefly back with Ash after the long period when she was with Janine and playing a weird 'My lover is so strict that she forbids me to speak to you and it is such a turnon' game that also involved touching me secretly whenever she got the chance. But that was over, and it was payback time, and we danced to this passionately and sexually in front of her. I was being used to humiliate an ex, and I had no problems with that because I did not love Ash for being nice.