December 21st, 2007


This more or less broke me

The season ender for Spooks ended on a Cliffhanger of Doom which others like paratti have talked of already. This though was the moment that upset me most - Adam and Jo both prisoners of a freelance group who abduct and break agents for money. This is why Spooks is one of the shows I love - even at its craziest it is capable of this sort of seriousness.

And just to be fair - Sullivan used this and sees its importance. So preferable to 24 on every level, moral, aesthetic and otherwise.

Roz's Christmas message to the world

A lot of you will have got this as my Facebook Christmas message, so tough. Here it is again.

All the world is a jest - a simple and true message which Verdi, in the last notes of opera he ever composed before his retirement, decided to embody in the most complicated of fugues. Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you Mr Falstaff and his friends.