December 30th, 2007


A second instalment...

People have been sufficiently enthusiastic about the chunk of memoir about my surgery that I may as well post the rest of that chapter.

There are a couple of points of clarification I should make even though I mentioned them in comments to the first chunk. The reason why I went to this surgeon was that, of the two surgeons doing reassignment surgery in London on the NHS at the time, he was the one whose gatekeeper shrink was not a crazed sexist. The other, better surgeon - which is a relative description - was the man at Charing Cross, where the shrink was the notorious John Randall, who would probably have refused to see me because I am over six foot tall, and because I worked as a freelance writer and editor instead of having a proper job in an office. He is the man who notoriously postponed the surgery of one of my friends for a year because she 'showed disrespect' by coming to see him wearing jeans.

Seeing Brown, and thus Morgan, was a rational choice where I was taking a gamble in certain areas, and I came up unlucky...But what else could I have done? Certainly my GP of the time agreed with me that I would be safest seeing Brown, because he had had experience of Randall and his mind games.

So, anyway, the first chunk of memoir is here and this is the second chunk Collapse )