January 13th, 2008


Lumbering myself with ever more work

I recently send round Facebook the invitation to my SUPEHEROES! launch party and never fear my sweets, it will be posted here imminently. One of the consequence of this was that I found myself writing back and forth to my wonderful friend Susan Stryker and lamenting that even if I make it to the Bay Area in April on my (thus far self-financed) publicity trip, I won't get to see her because she will be in Vancouver. Oh, she said, well, first weekend in May is a big trans studies conference in Vancouver, why don't I bang in an abstract? And of course there is this idea for a paper which I have been faffing around with since the last couple of Trans Reading Group sessions - and I need to be made to write it...

And I put an abstract together and I am feeling all enthused...

In my professional life as a reviewer and critic, and most especially in my published books on popular culture, I have increasingly constructed a vocabulary for myself that reflects my engagement with texts that vary from novels and comics to films and television shows. Among these are a fascination with models of liminality as a driver of story; an interest in the Assumed Ideal Reader/Viewer of popular culture and the extent to which geek culture has become universalized; and the extent to which all texts are Thick, which is to say most usefully read in terms of their situation as contingent, compromised and collaborative. I have come to realize that these preoccupations are very directly linked to my attempts to write memoir and fiction and most especially to the way that I turn actual incidents into stories with plot structure and the way in which my characters, including the I of memoir, are totems through which I am negotiating the ongoing construction of my narrative self.

My paper will examine the interplay between theory, practice, work and lived experience and, I hope, illuminate the particular recursive quality of much trans creativity.

And now I have to write the damn thing, because I have told you about it. Along with the novel, the next couple of books, some more of the memoir, 'Dawn in New York' (which I have not forgotten) and a couple of other giant fics.