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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Thursday, January 17th, 2008

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I just followed a link from The Sideshow to yonmei on insane-journal, who linked to this sensible and attractive blog here. Kaija Seifert was a pre-transition transwoman trying to find her way, and serving as a US soldier in Iraq, because her conscience told her that was the right thing to do.

One can disagree with her - and I do - and still mourn the fact that she is dead, in action, without ever getting to be who she wanted to be.


For me, the best thing tonight on television was not all the Jack/John stuff on Torchwood fun as that was, so much as the bit on The Bill where a free-runner outwits a whole bunch of Sun Hill cops - he jumped over Reg's head!!! - only to drop over a fence into a pair of handcuffs held by Gina Gold. 'I hate running' she growled.

The best Gina moment in years.
Deoartment of too good to be true
Even if I did get it off Sullivan...

Just like we always thought - really. And they meet in the middle and commit treason
This is a very worrying story for those of us using HRT...Yet again, money rules over health...My thanks to paratti for sending me the link.
I am going to see Cloverfield this evening and have a plus one to use up - anyone in London fancy coming along. I shall be around for the next couple of hours, so first come first served. I will probably check in later in the afternoon when I am in town.
Sitting with an acheing head
I went to see Cloverfield with paratti and I was pretty impressed with major reservations - but I am reviewing it, so you won't see what I thought for a week or two...Do not go and see it if you have any issues with flashing lights and rapidly changing perspectives - if I had not had a migraine yesterday, sort of, I would have a very bad one tonight. As it is, the experience of the film was quite like a migraine and I was totally ravenous afterwards as always happens when I have one.

Also, do not see if you have problems with ebola, spiders, high places, dark places, underground places or total idiocy. I think that at one point it had a lot of pop culture references and that they went through and took them all out...I am somewhat dreading sleeping, because it pinged several of my worst nightmare scenarios and anxiety dreams.

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