February 1st, 2008



The most appalling thing about this
is that the student who has been condemned to death for downloading a report on women's rights has been charged and condemned for blasphemy against Islam. I am far from convinced that the Afghan President or Senate will pay much attention to what we say, because presumably part of the point of this case is to demonstrate that they can be just as foul as the Taliban to bits of their electorate who are nostalgic for the good old days, but we should still sign anyway here.

In what possible mental world is reading a report blasphemy? I seriously want to know because I cannot wrap my head round it. Bad enough that blasphemy should be any kind of offense let alone a capital one, but redefining anything you happen to feel like banning as blasphemy is a whole new kind of bad.

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I am not normally a fan of Susan Faludi but this pretty much nails much of what I have been feeling is wrong with a lot of sensible, radical women who dislike HRC not for her crappy politics, but for who she is.

I have even seen people on my friends list say that they would vote for Obama, but would rather vote for McCain than for Hillary. I don't get it - I really don't see why an anti-choice, anti-gay militarist who would start a war with Iran the moment Iran coughed in his general direction is someone any sensible person could vote for.

I am so very glad I don't have a vote in the US election and can snipe from the sidelines.