May 3rd, 2008


Johnson Wins

As doubtless everyone is pointing out, the only consolation about this is that Johnson is such an unpleasant racist, sexist, homophobic bully under the jolly schoolboy facade that he may upset us all enough to prevent a Conservative victory. My guess is, though, that Brown has messed things up so badly that we are in for a landslide in eighteen months or so and a period of Tory rule so disastrous that I can hardly bear to think about it.

My contempt at this moment for people supposedly on the Left whose feuds with Livingstone allowed them to take the Standard's shilling is almost overwhelming. Yesterday one of them, Martin Bright, tried to friend me on Facebook and I refused him and told him why - he is not even the worst of them, which is probably Gilligan. The Standard has been trying to get Livingstone for decades and they finally managed it, partly through his occasional folly, but mostly through smears.

I am very sad. I have never liked Livingstone all that much, but he has been good for London twice, and now it is over, again.