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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

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Oh for Heaven's sake...
The fact of the matter is this: Obama has for all practical purposes won the nomination in what has been one of the tightest races for the nomination that we have ever seen. Almost half of those who support the Democrats preferred Hillary Clinton; somewhat more than half preferred Obama.

At the same time, the pundits and the blogosphere, including a lot of people who until recently were supporters of the Republicans, were in favour of Obama because his name was not Clinton. A lot of those pundits constantly attacked Hillary Clinton in a distinctly misogynist fashion while at the same time attacking her for even daring to mention misogyny.

We have also seen a return of the sort of Clinton-bashing which goes, essentially, 'sources who used to be close to the Clintons have announced that they are absolutely sure that the Clintons are probably doing bad things, sexual or financial, but they have no idea right now what those things might be, because the Clintons have stopped treating them as friends.' This is stuff that belongs on the Right of the Republican Party and should stay there - but it is coming from rightwing supporters of Obama instead.

Both campaigns said some dumb heat of the moment things - and a lot of the time it turned out that what had actually been said was considerably less dodgy and dumb than what was reported as having been said.

If people really want Hillary Clinton to concede, it might be a good start to start acknowledging that she did not say half the things she is alleged to have said, nor mean by them the sinister things imputed by people who have none of our interests at heart. If people really want to bring the vote together in November, it might be a good idea to acknowledge that people who supported her did not do so because they were racist or generally bad people - they are people you want to vote for Obama in the autumn and there is no point in trashing them or their candidate.

Whether or not Hillary Clinton ends up on the ticket - and I can see a case either way - she is going to be an important political player for the foreseeable future and so is her husband. There is absolutely no point, now Obama has got the frakking nomination, in continuing with all this spleen and rancour.

The only person it will help is McCain.

There needs to be peace and unity among anti-Republican voters from now on. Anyone who is more interested in dissing the Clintons than in winning the election, or thinks dissing the Clintons is the way to win an election against the Republicans, is either an idiot or Andrew Sullivan.
It's worse than I realized...
There is a real need for someone connected with the Obama campaign to denounce the constant sexist media attacks on Hillary Clinton. I had not - I really had not - realized just how insane and constant these had been until I read the Shakespeare's Sister monitoring site here. The US media are shameless and I am upset that only the New Statesman has really acknowledged the issue on this side of the Atlantic - Andrew Stephens here. We do accept that sexism and ageism are as unacceptable as racism and homophobia, don't we? Because we need to start taking this sort of thing seriously.

I am not, I repeat not, any particular fan of either Clinton, but the sort of thing documented by Shakespeare's Sister is just completely abhorrent and unacceptable.

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