June 5th, 2008


The idiocy of wise men

I am moderately irritated by Jimmy Carter's remarks here. His fears that an Obama/Clinton ticket would be voted against by all the people who cannot stand either of them depends both on the assumption that they are not mostly the same people anyway, and also on a view of American politics that is all about personalities and not even a bit about issues.

Also, in a staggering example of Old White Straight Guy identity politics, he advocates Sam Nunn for Vice-President.

Sam Nunn? The man who knifed Bill Clinton in the back to keep those gays out of the US military?

I really think not.

This is actually quite insightful

What philosophy do you follow? (v1.03)
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You scored as Kantianism

Your life is guided by the ethical model of Kantianism: You seek to have consistent laws rule your actions, and your will is directed by reason.

"I do not, therefore, need any penetrating acuteness to see what I have to do in order that my volition be morally good. Inexperienced in the course of the world, incapable of being prepared for whatever might come to pass in it, I ask myself only: can you also will that your maxim become a universal law?"
--Immanuel Kant

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Justice (Fairness)




Strong Egoism




Divine Command


I am as much a Kantian as a Hedonist and as much an Existentialist as either, which is a less bizarre combination than it seems. I do think that we have to choose to give meaning to our own lives and that ethical behaviour and the pursuit of pleasure 'an it harm none' are the ways I choose to do this. And I examine my conscience reasonably remorselessly - though probably not enough when it comes to things like air miles on my food and the use of petrochemicals to make my cds and electronica. And I try to put the feelings of those I care about ahead of my own, both because it makes me feel good and because it is right. The same applies to my habit of forgiveness - the pleasure I take in making things OK with people, even those who have wronged me, is intense, but I also believe that forgiveness is important.