October 2nd, 2008


Six degrees of something

Apart from the whole friend of friend thing, which is responsible for most of my six degrees of separation stuff with the moderately famous, there are random occasions of accidental encounter.

There is this club/bar in London called the Groucho which is sort of media types and actors... I don't belong, but several of my friends do, notably my friend Amanda Hemingway/Jan Siegel
rkaveney2 I was in the Groucho with her, having a drink, and sitting on a sofa, which has another sofa behind it at right angles to it. Someone on the other sofa is shooting off their mouth at length about Johnny Depp. How he is too pretty and that will always stop him being as good an actor as he might be. On and on...slightly obsessive...A and I catch each other's eyes and giggle a bit

Then he gets up to go to the bar, turns too sharply at the end of the sofa and trips over my bags
He lands in my lap - it's Jonathan Rhys Meyer. He apologizes. I say 'you were great in Gormenghast and Ride with the Devil'.We smile. He goes on to the bar.

For the moment, that's my story about meeting him for a moment - but if I ever got to be famous for anything, it would at that point become a story he might tell, if he remembered it.

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Gakked from Bilerico, Alaskan LGBT people talking about Palin:

Apart from anything else, it makes the point that, when Palin asked her 'rhetorical question' about withdrawing gay-themed books from the local library, the library was being picketed about those books by her churches. Which makes almost all other coverage of the question look pretty disingenuous.