October 24th, 2008


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Just about to finish up my week as writer in residence at News from Nowhere and have a couple of days of the Outsiders film festival where I am done with introducing films and am not the centre of attention - it's been a fabulous and exhausting few days in which I have done two radio interviews - Dean Sullivan and Margi Clarke - and made real progress on the novel and the big poem. I have even managed to construct a version of the monomyth for the novel - I knew that I needed to be this big queer drama at its heart and now I know what it is, or rather know what it becomes filtered through Akkdadian scribes and a German woman librettist and composer in 1928.

The scary bit about Margi is that she knew we had met and could not quite remember when and I said '1987,The launch party for Kristienne Clarke's Sex Change Shock Horror about December 10th...' I worry myself sometimes.

My thanks to Mandy and Maria and everyone at the shop, and to Joan and Matt at the festival, and Harri for a great interview,