November 13th, 2008


There is always someone whose problems are worse than yours

I mean, all that is really wrong in my life is that I made the mistake of trying to have an exchange of letters with Julie Bindel. I know, I know, after everything I've said...I've saved the whole thing - because she might try and use it against me - and have mailed copies off to respectable people, and may post it some time. It is too depressing - this is someone who claims that she need not pay attention to anything any trans person says because some of us have allegedly done bad things, and then gets offended at being called a bigot.

The terrifying thing is, I don't even think she is mad; her views and those of her school of 'radfems' are such that they make people act as if they were crazy.

But at least, unlike Lindsey Lohan and Julia Ormond, I was not in I Know Who Killed Me a serious contender for worst film I have ever seen. I did not write it or produce it. I merely made the mistake - I am doing a lot of that today - of ordering it from Lovefilm on the assumption that it cannot be as bad as its reputation. It is indeed so much worse than its reputation as to take the breath away.

I just explained it to a friend in AIM Collapse )

It has even taken away the memory of Hugh Grant as Chopin in Impromptu which bored me in the earlier part of the evening and the new ep of Heroes which is amazingly cracktastic.

Are people bored with Bindel yet? Or shall I unlock the private post in which I copy our correspondence? Or is that unethical?

I can't be bothered to make it a poll.

Later The consensus - which tallies with my considered sense of things - is that I should reserve the correspondence until a moment when JB makes public this or other private correspondence as she almost inevitably will. I don't think that the betrayal argument holds much water given that neither she, nor I, are precisely private figures, but nonetheless decorum should operate, even in the face of unpleasant idiocy.

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In a puff piece about Sheila Jeffreys' new book here , Bindel cheerfully accepts Jeffreys' claim that heterosexual marriage is closely related to prostitution. She also uncritically accepts Jeffreys' claim that 5% of the Netherlands' GDP is prostitution-related; if you read further, it is clear that Jeffreys regards any economic activity in which prostitution has any role as totally implicated. Thus, taxi-drivers, and presumably other forms of transport, move prostitutes and punters around and are so profiting from the sex industry. I'd call this shoddy research, and even shoddier scholarship, but I am hopelessly biased against both women...