November 17th, 2008


And this is where things are going

Those people who have been following the whole re-emergence of radical queer trans politics here need to look at the new post on auntysarah here for a description of the current state of play in respect of the meeting a few of us had yesterday to discuss possible ways forward. This was not so much a meeting to set anything up, or even a meeting to discuss such a meeting, as a meeting to decide that at some point down the track, a meeting to discuss meetings about meetings should happen.

No cabal, as I said a while back in a post that someone on the Guardian Comment is Free page took as evidence that there was a cabal; just some friends who meet anyway and know that Something Needs to Be Done.

This post has been in the interests of total transparency.

Meanwhile, I am gettng somewhat vexed with Pride's failure to commit themselves to any clear policy about trans access at next year's Pride - there has been a flurry of letters today of which more, if necessary, in due course.