December 9th, 2008


(no subject)

In case people haven't worked this out, the reason why I am not posting much is that I am working quite hard on RHAPSODY OF BLOOD vol. 1 RITUALS, the first volume of the novel I have been writing intermittently for the last five years when not having nervous breakdowns, writing other books or being an involuntary activist. I seem to be managing at least five hundred words a day along with all the other work I am doing, which means that I will probably finish by the end of the year - I am 21 thousand words into the last section of this volume, a section that was meant to run 30 thousand but may well get a little bit longer than that, what with King Kong vs. The Wild Hunt and Miss Patti La Belle Inconnue, Mother of the House of Art demanding that I pay them proper attention. The nice thing is that my imagination is working properly, as it was not earlier in the year when I was on statins. And then I will have to go through taking out at least a few good lines on general principle.

(The St Bartholomew's bit I posted back in July is going to be the start of vol. 2.)

Things done recently include more Bindeling, the Giles exhibition at the cartoon gallery, the Greenwich film quiz and watching television. I may or may not write on any of these things if asked.