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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Friday, January 23rd, 2009

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I have finished the redraft of volume 1 of the novel, and tomorrow or Saturday I will start gently pottering around the couple of bits of volume 2 that I have started. I need to plot the French Revolution section a bit more comprehensively, but I am starting to feel my way into it; the war on terror story is starting to breed bunnies. Bunnies for vol 3 and later in vol 2 are also sticking their heads up - some of them things that are going to get me delightfully into trouble...

If I promised a final draft to anyone who hasn't got one, drop me a line.

As someone who is writing a book in which a lot of the major characters are POCs, or reincarnations of individuals who were POCs in earlier millennia, and who finds herself writing a number of African-American trans characters at a late state in volume 1 -and hey! I may be appropiationist on their ethnicity, but I have probably spent more of my life hanging out with African-American transfolk than some of the people who will criticize me, all I will say to everyone on everyside in the recent kerfuffle, including all of my friends, is just this.

We are none of us righteous, no, not one.

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