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Silence Exile and Crumpets
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Thursday, February 5th, 2009

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Well that was totally incredible - Amanda Palmer playing mostly solo in a set that went on for a bit over two hours. More in the morning.

Oh, and purplechtulhu I got in using my buses at 11.59 which probably means that if I had come on the train with you I might have got in a couple of minutes either side of that...Assuming you posted soon after getting in, of course...
More Palmer
So, I went to Amanda Palmer courtesy of cillygirl who was the most amazing good company and put up with me rabbiting about old civil liberties stuff to purplecthulhu when we were sitting around between sets. I was supposed to hook up with the Clutes and Liz Hand, with whom I had had tea earlier, but they ended up watching from backstage, so that did not happen, alas!.

One of the most amazing things about Amanda P is her absolute assurance - her incredible percussive piano playing and her preparedness to be maliciously witty. Her version of 'My Favourite Things' ranks as a deconstruction of that brilliantly saccharine tune alongside the Coltrane version; she had a wonderful fiddle player working with her on it. She did new stuff that I am still assimilating; and great versions of two or three numbers off 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer?'. She is already one of those artists who always finds something new to say about her own material.

Which also means that she can be savagely witty about it. She has a post dated Feb 3 here about the trouble she is having with her new single 'Oasis' because several broadcasters are refusing to air it on the grounds that it is allegedly flip about date rape and abortion - actually I would say savagely Swiftian under a bubble-gum surface, but what do I know?. In the course of the post, she says ', i suggested that i might be allowed to play it if i just slowed it way down and played it in a minor key.think about it. if they heard the same lyrics against the backdrop of a very sad and lilting piano, maybe with some tear-jerking strings thrown in for good measure, would they take issue?'. And last night, she did just that, though without the strings; it was the most brilliantly sarcastic musical performance I have ever heard, though she decided not to keep it up for too long...

Genius and I don't use the term lightly.

There don't seem to be any clips from last night up on Youtube yet. More when there are.
As Promised
The super-serious version of Oasis from last night - sound quality pretty bad...

Later I found this when looking for more Amanda Palmer clips - here she is covering one of my favourite Kander and Ebb numbers from Cabaret

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