April 20th, 2009


In honour of the return of Ashes to Ashes...

Some extracts from With the Wild Girls my memoir of that period of Soho life as experienced by some elements in the trans community...Somehow Gene Hunt fits my memories rather well.
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Which was not the triumph it seemed, because this was not, overall, a story that ended entirely happily - V never really got over the whole thing and never forgave me. There was the lighted cigarette accident at Stacey's funeral and I sort of avoided her after that.

Of course, that was also the period when we used to see Dennis the relief washer-up from Diana's Diner in the Golden Lion with various doomed young men, and before we knew about him and his tie collection and his Kentucky Fried Chicken...I wonder whether he will crop up in the show.

Oh, and to finish with the film festival...

The closing night gala film Baby Love was a comedy about a gay man who wants fatherhood so bad we can feel it like toothache in sympathy. His boyfriend really isn't keen on the idea, and he gets ruled out for adoption because he didn't de-gay his apartment quite systematically enough. However, he has already met a young Brazilian woman whose car collided with his and when he discovers that she is on the brink of being deported and is homeless, he offers her a room, and a passport marriage, to act as his surrogate mother. They get more emotionally involved than they plan, until he pulls back and manages to get his estranged boyfriend back. She gives them the child, but they persuade her to stay in their and the child's life.

The trouble with the film was, there was a worrying vein of mild comic misogyny to it - not so much in the handling of the Brazilian woman as in the treatment of the best friend who wants a child too, and manages to seduce the social worker sent to assess her for adoption, and the various lesbian couples the hero interviews as possible co-parents. Not enough to make me or any of the women I talked to walk out, but enough that when we discussed it afterwards we all had a slightly off taste in the mouth. A competent gay rom-com that somehow misfired.

And that's that until next year, except for the two films I've done for the TLS, a review you will see here in due course.