June 14th, 2009


I came late to this party

But I have just watched the first of the 20th Century Boys. Adi told me ages ago that it was good and I needed to pay attention then, not now...I have lost months during which I could have been reading the manga, or catching the second film at the London SF film festival.

Are there communities? I have a theory as to what is going on, which I would like to be mocked about...

And I seem to have come early to this one...

I just watched a couple of episodes of Nurse Jackie which is one of the greyer sitcoms of our time. Jackie is a highly competent nurse with an appropriately abrasive attitude to doctors and administrators; she is also judgemental, a drug addict and an adulteress. The judgemental we can so far live with - it was only an ear she flushed, and he was a murderous whoremonger - and the other two are going to get her into serious trouble sooner or later.

I think this could be a favourite show quite soon, if it doesn't blow it.

Also, moderately slashy...