September 23rd, 2009


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Briefly, not posting much here because having a productive time on the novel these last three nights - a thousand on Sunday, seven hundred last night and 1077 tonight. One of the joys of writing in the C18 as opposed to the C15 or the Bronze Age is that there are lots of visuals for how people looked. Also, tonight, when I wanted to do spooky gothic dungeon complexes, I could just go to Google and look at the dungeon engravings of Piranesi. So that starting at those pictures meant it all pretty much wrote itself. Oh, and playing Beethoven's Fidelio, not actually on the computer, but in my head.

Gossip Girl is back to being awesome this week after a shaky season opener, with a plot twist that I really did not see coming. Heroes is amazingly tawdry and cheesetastically silly, having added an evil mutant carnival to the cast. One of whom is an illustrated woman, called Lydia. Amazing! Tim Kring assumes that none of us KNOWS the Groucho Marx song about Lydia the Tattooed Lady - or is just being shameless.

Oh, and GG had a moment of shamelessness, as we met a supposedly repentant Georgina, who was carrying a book on its side, which - if you pause and check - turns out to be The Prince, by Machiavelli. Repentant, not.

And talking of people called Georgina, or rather Georgiana - look at Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire's portraits and those of her sister Harriet Ponsonby and her niece Caroline Lamb. They all have the most amazing skijump pointy noses and yet are clearly the beauties of the age they were reputed to be. 1. The Spencer family clearly had a nose and bred it out before the late C20 and 2. paratti came up with the idea that in ages where syphilis rotted off major facial features, a large nose was seen as beautiful or handsome because it was so obviously healthy. Not sure - but it is an ingenious idea.