October 6th, 2009


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I am feeling serious dislike for the new Who logo here. Partly because it looks a little like the DC logo, which I have never especially liked, and partly because the old logo was perfectly fine and is going to remain current on half their merchandise for the foreseeable future anyway; we get that Moffatt wants to rebrand, but that does not have to mean ditching everything that works for the sake of novelty.

My heavens! I am sounding like a fan.

Meanwhile, I have not been posting because I am making real progress with volume 2 - not back on track from the long mourning plus poetry hiatus, but getting somewhere nonetheless. And more poetry soon, once the French Revolution is done and dusted.

(no subject)

Thanks to abillings I have discovered the literal video movement - new lyrics to songs that directly reflect the nonsense going on in the videos. I present in evidence Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart" from which you will get the general idea.

Just go to YouTube and look for literal videos and be aware that you may end up giggling hopelessly, if you share my infantile sense of humour.


In other matters,congratulations to Hilary Mantel for winning the Booker Mann prize with her novel Wolf Hall.

About twenty five years ago, when I was reading at Chatto, I pulled the manuscript of Hilary's first novel Every Day is Mother's Day out - not even of the slush pile but the slush pile's rejection out tray, and bullied people at Chatto and Windus into publishing her.

I may never write anything important myself, but I have managed to be a servant of literature in a small way, down the years.